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    2017年以來,海和興公司與加拿大皇家之星食品有限公司合作,多次從加拿大采購MSC龍蝦產品。重點關注加拿大MSC 產品,堅定了持續做認證產品的決心,目前海和興公司仍然繼續加大對MSC產品消費理念的宣傳推廣力度,和高星級酒店及現代新零售渠道緊密溝通,拓展加拿大MSC龍蝦產品的消費領域。

    From the year 2017, Haihexing started cooperating with Canadian Royal Star Foods Co., Ltd, and has ordered MSC lobster from them many times. Focusing on Canadian MSC products, and determined to continue dealing with the certified products. At present, Haihexing Company continues to increase its efforts to promote the concept of MSC products, and communicates closely with the high-star hotels and modern new retail channels, and therefore expands the consumption area of the Canadian MSC lobster products.


    Currently, Haihexing already has stable sales channels for Canadian MSC Lobster products that have already entered HYATT, MARRLOTT's, and SHANGRI-LA's hotels, which covered most provinces and cities in China, and he sales volume is growing steadily.


    Haihexing is the first MSC and ASC double certification company in China. It owns the first MSC and ASC double certification store, with 12 seafood feeding equipment and freezer, which ensures the classified refrigerated storage of all products, specialized refrigerated distribution vehicles that can meet the distribution of direct cold storage vehicles in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xi'an. The company has assumed the task of safe supply of food and materials for the national conference, and is committed in doing high quality traceable seafood products, paying attention to the quality of products and strengthening the awareness of safety and environmental protection. The Company has been founded for nearly twenty years and has a very good reputation in the industry.


    Royal Star Canada Foods Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Canadian Teegnish Fisheries Association Co., Ltd, which was established in 1924 and is a seafood product processing factory. All the seafood captured by the company is processed by its subsidiary Royal Star Foods Co., Ltd. The company is committed to the protection of the environment, adhere to sustainable legal fishing, and release all the lobsters that are smaller than required standard size. Professional deep-sea fishing and full cold chain.


    The business philosophy and management priorities of the two companies are very well matched, and the two sides have established a good foundation for cooperation, promoting the promotion of global certified products and guiding consumers in the selection of safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable seafood products.


    It is believed that with the joint efforts of China Haihexing Company and Canadian Royal Star Foods Co., Ltd, it will certainly have a long-term and more extensive development for the future cooperation between China and Canada in seafood products.

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